Let me tell you what the Oasis is all about.

The idea for the name came to me one day as well as an explanation of the term ‘oasis’. An oasis is a refuge, a place of replenishment, nourishment if you will, where one can quench one’s thirst. ‘New Age’ just lets people know what sort of quenching is being offered.The classroom is here to assist those in need of furthering their journey into metaphysics.Finally, my office is here to provide a deeper insight into issues people may have (readings) as well as to utilize hypnosis to aid one’s knowing (i.e. past life regression) and/or to enlist one’s subconscious and super conscious minds to bring about an improvement or change (see below for a list of services at the Oasis).

We are just beginning to offer web shopping! Currently, one can now purchase any of my handmade Bohemian Dangle Bracelets from the online shop. They are one of a kind, made with sterling silver chain, Czech fire polished glass beads, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver spacer beads, and more. Each bead is hand wrapped with sterling silver headpins and has a toggle clasp, attached with sterling silver wire,  that matches the style of the bracelet. I chose toggle closures for ease of putting the bracelets on by oneself. They are $75, tax, shipping and handling included. PayPal payment required.The bracelets are on display in the store.