Jennie is a nationally known psychic~medium, giving readings to people all over the US. For more than 20 years she has given messages and readings professionally to the public and taught others to learn about and develop their own psychic ability. Jennie added the study of hypnosis after being convinced of the mind’s ability to heal itself. Jennie is also a practitioner of Past Life Regression and EFT, a dynamic energy healing method. She is a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

As a child, Jennie would give her mother warnings of things that would happen, for instance out of town relatives coming, pets disappearing and being returned, as well as messages from deceased relatives. She also remembered and spoke of other lifetimes as early as four years old. Beginning in her teens, Jennie learned to develop and control her talents as a psychic and medium.

Jennie has worked at understanding her own psychic and mediumistic abilities and maintains an extremely high accuracy rate in her readings, whether they be for groups or one-on-one. She has helped clients rid their homes of unwanted spirit energy, assisted psychically in the finding of missing persons, and ‘spoke’ for an autistic client who was unable to communicate verbally. Jennie conducts weekly seances/message circles to give psychic and spirit messages to those who attend, as well as sending people home with messages for their families and friends.