Psychic Readings

The way I conduct a psychic reading is: I simpy tune in to your energy or vibration by writing your first name on piece of paper, ask what areas you’d like me to tune into and write those on that same piece of paper. If you want communication with loved ones in spirit, I ask their first names as well. If you are in my office, you’ll see me rub the words on the paper occasionally as I connect to the energy of the person whose name I’ve written. I do the same when I conduct phone readings but people don’t see me do it.

I will ask questions, not to fish for information, but rather to clarify what it is I’m getting. I will describe to you what and how I see something so you are involved and informed during the reading. Sitting there silently doesn’t help the energy flow. I don’t ask for or need a great deal of  information but it’s helpful to let me know I’m going in the right direction.

Sometimes during a reading you might tell me no to something but if I’m getting it strongly, I will tell you to check it out because I know I’m right. Having done this for so long, I know the difference between how things feel and while I don’t wish to be disageeaable, it’s been shown over and over to me that my accuracy remains strong.

Because I take my role as psychic very seriously, I’m extremely ethical; so when conducting a reading, I tell the person everything, good and ‘bad’. It’s been my experience that ‘bad’ things are simply warnings that can be prevented or lessened by being prepared. I do not, however, tell anyone that they are about to die or that a spouse is cheating because while highly accurate, I can always be wrong and will not destroy a person’s life. Being so ethical, I tell limited information about other persons I’m asked about during the reading since I don’t have that person’s permission to tune in to them.  Just because I can tune in doesn’t mean I should violate a person’s right to privacy.

That being said, my readings are full of information for the person getting the reading. You will not, however, be told you are cursed and only I can remove it/them. You will not be charged additional monies unless the reading goes 90 minutes or more because you ask me to continue.

I schedule hour long readings by appointment. My fee is $75 for the reading. Because I don’t watch the clock, sometimes the readings go a bit over 60 minutes, but the fee is still $75. Feel free to phone me at the Oasis, 518-368-6697 or email me at: to schedule an appointment.