There’s so much I can say about hypnosis but I’ll try to be brief. I find it so amazing how powerful one’s mind is. What hypnosis is is a deeply relaxed state of awareness; what it isn’t is a sleep or comatose state.  People are often surprised that they not only remember everything but also hear everything, for instance, if the phone rings. If you’ve meditated, you’ve experienced relaxation; hypnosis takes it even deeper. And it feels so good!

Hypnosis can be used for self-improvement, from helping one to stop smoking to getting rid of excess weight, or my favorite – to discover one’s past lives. It’s very effective when used to increase confidence, better study habits, easing pain, as well as many other issues.

When you’re ready to create effective change in yourself, call me to schedule a hypnosis session. The first session usually lasts approximately 2 hours and the fee is $125. Any additional appointments usually run an hour for $75.  Feel free to call me at the Oasis at 518-368-6697 if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment. And no, I won’t wake you and have you clucking like a chicken, promise, unless that’s what you ask for. <smile>