“I just wanted to thank you for all of the insight you have given me and my extended family. In Sept 2011 my brother and I went to one of your circles. You told him there was something he was trying to do and that the 3rd time will be the home run. He couldn’t really place it at that time but shared with me in the car on the way home that he and his wife were expecting and he had just found out. She had a miscarriage in late October. Her doctors found out her thyroid levels were low and that she needed medication to correct her levels before trying to become pregnant again. It took over a year before her levels were corrected. Fast forward to April 2013-my brother, his wife and I came to another circle. You asked my sister in law if she had had a miscarriage recently–to my surprise she said yes (I was not informed of this).You told her the soul of that baby was with her all the time and waiting for the opportunity to come back–this soul was very stubborn and relentless and would be back, she would be pregnant again and that baby/soul would be born. She just informed me that she is pregnant and ultrasounds have shown the baby to be very strong and all things point to a positive outcome for this pregnancy–she is just now 3 months along. So your psychic message to my brother in Sept . 2011 has now come true–the 3rd time you will hit a home run–and it does seem like this 3rd pregnancy is the home run!

Your insight into my son’s struggles were amazing–he was so shocked that you knew how he felt and what he was going through. You gave him hope that things would turn right around and he’d be all set in his college major and career choice and that his grades would improve dramatically—and they did!

I could go on for pages and pages about all the insights and truths you have bestowed on my extended family and myself and about the accuracy of your messages! You truly are amazing and we feel so fortunate to be able to attend your message circles in the future. Thank you!!” ~L. F.

“Jennie has been so helpful to not only myself to a HUGE extent, but also to members of my family and friends. The information she shares is not only helpful and healing, but shocking in its accuracy. She is very detailed and specific when discussing members of my family who have passed, right down to being able to describe old photos in such exact detail that it has left me breathless. She communicates with them and relays their messages to me…messages that are once again so detailed that it is impossible not to believe and understand what they are telling me. There are no vagaries…no instances where something could be left open to interpretation. She has been specific right down to describing a tear falling down someone’s cheek that deeply affected me during their lifetime.

As far as giving guidance, she is spot on in what she feels and sees for my future. Her predictions are so graphic, so intense and sincere and, as always, in very minute detail. And my life’s events do fall right into line with what she has predicted. She’s the real deal and I never walk away from a session with her where I feel anything less than hopeful and encouraged for what is to come. She is extremely honest, she doesn’t gloss over the facts, but instead tells me what she is feeling and seeing, and discusses with me what everything means. It is cathartic. I cannot say enough good things about her abilities and the powerful and rewarding sessions I have had with her.”~ G.S.

 “Jennie is amazing!  Her ability to share information about the past, present, and future is most accurate.  I have seen her consistently help many people as a part of her “circle” on many occasions.  She has been very accurate and specific with the information she has shared about  me.  She is also an excellent hypnotist!  She is gifted.”~Bob- (Ret.) Psychologist

“I’d like to comment on Jennie Thompson’s class; “Psychic Development and the Occult Understanding”.
I met Jennie in 2009 through a mutual friend. I had no previous experience with psychics or interest in metaphysics. I believed most of what took place in that realm was closely related to circus showmanship and used as a ploy to separate people from their money. Jennie was begining a new class around that time and I was coerced by our mutual friend, to join. In an effort to silence him and prove to myself that psychics and this area of study are totally worthless, I took the challenge.

I proceeded seriously and as a result, proved several points to myself – beyond any doubt. One: I was wrong. True psychics do exist and should be highly valued. Two: Most everyone has psychic ability of some sort and with proper training from a professional, this innate sense in humans (the sixth sense should be called the first sense) can be brought into play. Three: Skills and knowledge gained from this study can be very valuable assets in the journey through life. Four: It presents a new way of thinking living and being. Further investigation reveals many MD’s and PHD’s from major universities are scientifically proving the reality of Psychic, Intention, Healing, etc.

This class is fun but not easy. The equation of getting out what you put into it is evident. You will need an open mind. Prepare for: What If? Some of your longstanding beliefs will change and that may not be easy to accept. Jennie is very skilled and teaches from a deep base of personal experience. She is a debunker and won’t stand for perpetuating untruths. She will make you think and that’s the mark of an educator. Best of all, you will come away with your own new perspective and skills.My sincerest thanks go to Jennie.” ~Mike

“We invited Jennie to our annual wellness event to give our employees the opportunity to experience Hypnosis as a holistic alternative for self-improvement.   She was wonderful.  She arrived on time and with a great attitude. 

The first hour she mingled and greeted the employees and then went on to do several hypnosis sessions.  Her demeanor was friendly, caring and professional.  Our employees thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from Jennie and about the benefits of Hypnosis.  Special thanks to Jennie for helping to make the event an abundant success.”  ~J. Wood-Sr. Benefit Administrator  

“I highly recommend hypnosis with Jennie.  Her intuitive capabilities, coupled with her training and experience provide for an exemplary session.
She is gentle, kind, and the desire of her heart is to bring relief for those who seek her counsel.  To say that I am grateful for the breakthroughs that I have received under her gentle guidance, would be an understatement.”~Mandy